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Electrical repairs are available 24 hours a day at Stockland Green by trusted emergency electricians.

Repair or Replacement of Sockets and switches

When sockets and switches fail to work or are not powered, they should be repaired. Schedule an electrical inspection today!

The Repair of Electrical Equipment

Identify, repair, and secure electrical faults and problems. Our service is available same day.

Suddenly, the Lights Stopped working

You notice that your lights dim, flicker or won't turn on from time to time? You might face a fire hazard!

My House Has No electricity

Loss of power in your house, none of your sockets or lights work. A power outage or tripped RCD. A professional electrician is needed immediately!

Fuse Box Issues

Do you have a fuse box that keeps tripping? Gigi Emergency Electrician will fault find and resolve your issue. Reliable, trusted experts.

An RCD Trip Occurred

Your RCD frequently trips or trips intermittently? Contact us today for peace of mind.

The MCB Is Tripping

You don't understand why your MCB is tripping? Trust our team to resolve your electrical issues.

Electrical Burning Smell in House

An estimated 15% of all domestic fires are due to electrical faults. Did you smell electricial wire burning? Shut off the power immediately and call for help.

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24 Hour Electrician Near Me Stockland Green

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Fault Finding Services Stockland Green

An RCD can react if there is a sudden rise in electrical current use or leakage current, due to the contents of your refrigerator or freezer thawing out.

A poorly connected appliance may occasionally cause an increase in electricity supply. This will cause the RCD to trip and then reset to its original settings. Soon after, the electricity supply should resume normal.

Moisture found in sockets or outside electrical boxes can cause an RCD trip. It is crucial to find moisture in your socket box quickly. You should inspect exterior electrical socket boxes and outlets for moisture. Signs of moisture include weather-sealed boxes that have become brittle or reset switches that are not working correctly.

Spikes may also occur due to older appliances like dryers and washing machines that are not properly connected or maintained. Motors and pumps are more likely to cause RCD trips if there is an association between the frequency/time of surges, and the use of the appliance.

This happens when there is a sudden surge in electricity. It can cause severe injury or property damage. These spikes can be caused by lightning strikes, electrical faults, power tools, appliances with motors or pumps, old washing machines and dryers and so on.

RCD trips could be caused by a faulty component of your central heating. RCD trips can be triggered by the faulty component turning on and off frequently, which could lead to false alarms. Permanent damage could be caused to electrical equipment if your home suffers frequent or prolonged RCD trips due to a faulty component.

It is crucial to ensure that electrical safety standards are maintained. Contact Gigi Emergency Electrician at 07782 805852 Your local emergency electrician serving Stockland Green and Short Heath B23 5, Oscott, Erdington, Nechells

Ohhhhh! It happened again. You were in the middle of the game. It can be frustrating if your fuse box keeps tripping and you don’t know why. It is an indicator that something in your home might be defective. You can reset it every now and again. You could also identify the source of the problem, and fix it once for all.


If you live in an apartment, the fuse box (or the consumer unit, as electricians call) is typically located on the ground level, below the stairs. You should keep the area around your unit clean to make it easy to access in case of an emergency. If you live in a flat, the unit is usually higher up on a wall in your hallway.

A fuse box is critical to your household’s safety. It acts like a gatekeeper between the mains electrical supply and your home.

These currents may prove fatally hazardous if there is an electrical fault or surge. To prevent this, the fuse box detects abnormal activity and cuts off any electricity flowing through the circuit. Electrical fires, electric shocks and other accidents would happen all too frequently if modern homes weren’t fitted with fuse boxes or circuit breakers.

Open your fuse panel panel to check if you have circuit breakers and fuses. Circuit breakers look like a row of levers or switches. Fuses are less modern. They’re round and fit into sockets like little lightbulbs.

Label your circuit breakers/fuses clearly. If they’re not labeled, mark them up with the room where they will be used. You’ll be a blessing to your future self if you ever have to replace a circuit.

A professional electrician will be required to repair any major electrical problem in the house. The most important thing to remember is to switch off and unplug whatever it is you need to work on so there’s no danger of a live current and call Gigi Emergency Electrician at 07782 805852 If you have fuse box problems in Short Heath B23 5, Oscott, Erdington, Nechells, call Gigi Emergency Electrician today! 07782 805852

Miniature Circuit Breakers, or MCBs for Miniature Circuit Breakers in electromagnetic protection, act as switches within a circuit. The circuit is automatically opened when they detect that the current flowing over it has exceeded a specified limit. This device can also be used to manually turn on and off normal switches.

MCBs are also known as time delay tripping devices which trip and shut down the system whenever there is an overcurrent flowing for a longer period of time and there is a danger to the entire circuit. These devices can stop power supply for short-circuits in 2.5 milliseconds.


What Prompted MCB To Trip

Fault is an error or malfunction in an electrical system. If not rectified promptly, a fault could lead to an explosion or fire.

Faults present a risk to the system. They must be addressed as soon as possible.


Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)

Miniature Circuit Breaker or MCB is a protection device that protects against overload and short circuit. It contains a bimetal & a solenoid coil, which trip the MCB in the event of Overload & Short Circuit. Conforming to IEC60898-1, MCB may be used for lower ratings between 0.5125A.

They act as security devices and protect not only electrical appliances but the wiring in your entire house. An MCB trip is a sign of serious trouble and should be treated immediately.

An electrical fire or short usually has a distinctive burning copper or metal smell. It is possible to smell rubber mixed with plastic. This is not a joke as it indicates that something is too full. For advice, turn off the main power and immediately call your electrician. They will let you know how serious the issue is and if you should call the fire department or not.


Why Do I Keep Smelling Electrical Burning?

Sometimes, the electrical smell may be caused by a device that you have plugged into and not your electrical system.

Although it’s difficult to describe, it smells awful. The answer is a combination of all of the above Once you smell it you will never forget it. It is an electrician’s worst nightmare.

You can have electrical fires in any size and location. Copper and metal wires make up the wiring that supplies power to devices such as outlets, switches and plugs. These wires emit a distinctive odor when they become damaged by heat, overloading, or other electrical stimuli (including damaged insulation).

Depending on their location in relation to one other, they can produce the same “burning Copper” smell or different smells due temperature difference.

Below are some of the reasons that an electrical burning odour may be detected in your home.

1. Overload- this is when too much current goes through a circuit at once, causing the wires to heat up and catch on fire.

2. Short circuiting is when electricity gets trapped in one wire and flows to another wire. This can cause a short-circuit which can lead a fire.

3. Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). These breakers detect if electric current is flowing into the ground and bring it down before damage occurs.

4. Faulty Wiring- This could be caused by water, ice, or someone tripping over your cord.

It is dangerous to mix electricity with fire. Houses are prone to electrical fires. Electrical fires may occur when older homes have too many outlets or extension cables.

Should you notice a fishy or toxic electrical smell, please don’t hesitate in calling Gigi Emergency Electrician 07782 805852.

Check your appliances that use heat and turn them off and clear debris from them when the power is out. Turn off everything you can so that when the power comes back, things that have been switched on will begin to work again, which could result in fire or electric shock.


If your neighbors do not have power or street lights are out, a power cut is likely in your area.

In the event of a power outage, you can get any information you need by calling 105. You should also be able to find out when the power will be restored.

It could be a fuse or switch issue if your neighbours still have power or the street lights are still on.

If you suspect a problem with your appliances, fuse box, or wiring, hire a qualified electrician.

If a tripped fuse repeatedly cuts power to your entire house or power outages are frequent in your home, you may have a problem with your circuit breaker. Even if the circuit breaker is designed to cut power in response to surges or other anomalies, frequent power outages could mean that something is wrong with it. A licensed electrician can locate the cause of the problem and fix it for you.

In a lot of situations we don’t have warning and the luxury to book in for appointment for help, however trust your local emergency electrician.

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