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24 7 Hour Emergency Electrician

For urgent electrical problems or issues, an emergency electrician is available 24 hours a days.

Local Emergency Electrician

Emergency electricians with professional experience available all hours of the day, all year long. Fast response and lowest prices.

Emergency Electrical Repairs

Electrical faults and problems diagnosed rectified and secured. We are available at any time according to your needs.

Fuse Box Problems

If you are experiencing the fuse box or other consumer unit issues - we can help. We can replace individual circuit breaker as well as main switches. We can also set up the complete RCBO board that has surge protection.

Check For Electrical Faults

Are your sockets on the verge of tripping? There is no power or spark at your sockets. If your rcd is constantly tripping then call us. We replace damaged sockets and switches.

How To Identify Electrical Problems

There could be a complete or partial interruption in power due to electrical wiring problems or your rcd is tripping. One of our local electricians will quickly determine the reason and bring your power back on in the shortest amount of time.

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Qualified Electricians in Birmingham West Midlands

NICEIC Approved Electricalians. Our motto is “Electric safety first.” Certified, insured electricians nearby you.

We offer emergency assistance all hours of the day and adhere to all safety guidelines and regulations.

The most dangerous task in the house is the electrical installation. Avoid working with an unqualified, untrained individual. It could result in dire consequences.

24 Hour Emergency Electrician Birmingham

Emergency Electricians Near Me Birmingham

Electrical faults and problems occur when you least expect them. We are quick to respond to emergencies and usually resolve the issue within one hour.

If your RCD is constantly tripping, you may have no power to your sockets, lights or even a burning smell. Whatever your electrical problem Our electricians is well-trained and proficient in resolving the issue. Gigi Emergency Electrician is available 24/7.

RCD's are the most common issues we deal with. RCD trips can be caused by a problem within the wiring system which is causing an imbalanced current between live and neutral conductors. The RCD is a vital safety device that can cause the RCD to be extremely fast in its trip in the event that current is flowing towards earth. If the RCD continues to be triggered after a reset, the stray current needs to be investigated and the issue rectified before the circuit is restarted. RCDs have a test button which should be used at least twice a year.

24 Hour Emergency Electrician Birmingham

We Offer 24 Hour Emergency Electric Service
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Local Emergency Electricians Birmingham West Midlands

Our 24 hour electricians service these areas Ladywood B16 8, Highgate, Spring Vale B10 0, Lozells, Aston, Sparkbrook, Edgbaston, Merry Hill B66 2, Nechells, Bordesley Green and others. Gigi Emergency Electrician are on call 24/7 and our goal is to get a local emergency electrician to your home within an hour.

If you're looking for an emergency electrician in your area You're probably experiencing a difficult day. Maybe you've noticed smoke in the outlet you have. Maybe one let out sparks when you tried to plug in something. Or did you lose power within your home and resetting your circuit breakers didn't help? Electrical emergencies can be caused due to a variety of issues with appliances or wiring. It doesn't matter what problem you're experiencing, it's important to recognize the need for immediate assistance. It's crucial to learn how to contact support if you're facing a problem you cannot solve yourself. Don't delay until the issue gets more serious, call today 07782 805852
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24 Hour Emergency Electrician Birmingham

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  • Troubleshooting electrical issues
  • Troubleshooting RCD trips
  • Electric burning smell
  • Electrical services with fast response times
  • Out of hours electrician
  • Providing lighting solutions to your problems
  • We fix fuse box issues
  • Replacing damaged sockets
  • Restore power to sockets
  • Diagnose electric shower problems

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Frequently Asked Questions...

An RCD is an automated security device that shuts off electricity when power supply is cut. It protects your house and appliances from any damage. It protects electrical wiring and appliances. It can be permanently or removable. Both have their benefits. For appliance protection, some of the RCDs may be installed on separate plugs. A good RCD can last for at least one hour without going off.

Many people think of an electrical emergency as a power cut which stops everyone within the home from using their gadgets. Others consider it something much more serious, like an outlet that emits a burnt odor or wires that start an explosion. Whatever you consider a true electrical emergency there is one thing that they’re definitely not enjoyable. It’s crucial to identify the potential hazards and figure out how you can salvage these situations. Everyone should not be at the danger of electrical emergencies, particularly when it pertains to your home.

The cost for a technician to visit your residence is known as the call-out cost. It varies depending on the time of day. You will pay more when you call outside of normal business hours. The electrician’s call-out cost is totally separate from costs for labor, which is usually an hourly rate and the cost of replacement components that may be required to effect the repair. However, sometimes electrical problems can be life-threatening. The cost of an electrician after hours call-out will depend on the issue but you can generally expect to be charged between £80 to £100.

In order to make payments with your debit card or credit card, our engineers carry a remote card reader. In addition, we also accept cash and banks transfers.

It is not uncommon for power to go out temporarily for a period of time, and you may be in an area affected by the power outage.

Before calling for an emergency electrician you may want to check that your property isn’t in an area that has a distribution network problem.

Are you experiencing a power outage? You can check the status of the power cuts in the Midlands by visiting the Western Power Distribution website or by calling them at 105 and speaking directly to one of their advisers.