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Power Is Out in the House

It can be frustrating to have your electricity go off suddenly. Fortunately it doesn’t happen very often.

Make sure the lights are on in neighbouring properties, and report the power outage if those properties are also without electricity, call the Northern Powergrid helpline number 0800 375675, or visit their website www.northernpowergrid.com

The most common question you can ask to determine if your electricity is off is “Did your bill get paid?”

Your gas or electricity provider may cut off your supply of energy if your utility bills are not paid. You should be notified by them that they plan to disconnect your energy supply. Although energy companies may not be known for their customer service excellence, they should be capable of arranging instalments payments and helping you get back on your feet with your bills.

Take a look at the outside of your house if the electricity has not been turned on after you have paid your bills. Is it possible that your neighbours are also experiencing power outages. If so, you may be experiencing an outage in your area’s electricity supply. Your network operator might be able give you an estimate of how long the power cut will last.

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What Should I Do If I Don't Have Electricity?

If the electricity goes out after you turn on a light switch, or an electrical appliance, that is a sign that your fuses are faulty. Fuses can trip at any moment, but it is worth checking the fuse box if you are unsure why.

The fuse boxes will detect an abnormal power surge and turn off the residual current devices. Also, you may need to flip the main fuse back on.

If the switch doesn’t move when you turn it on, the appliance or switch may be plugged in, and the RCDs will still try to protect you. Retry to unplug or switch off the malfunctioning appliance. For more information, read “My fuse box keeps tripping – help!”

If the problem cannot be fixed yourself, then there might be an issue with your electricity supply. You will need the assistance of a licensed, Part P-approved electrical contractor. Contact Gigi Emergency Electrician if you need emergency electrical repairs.

You should not try to modify your electrical wiring if you are unsure. Some electrical work in the home requires compliance with Part P building control and needs to be done in accordance with BS7671 wiring regulations. Don’t forget – electricity is VERY dangerous and can kill you.

Instead, you can call Gigi Emergency Electrician on 07782 805852 and get assistance. They will send a Part P certified engineer to your location, who is highly qualified and knowledgeable.

You have no choice but to wait for the power company, if your power goes down due to a power outage. While you are waiting, there are a few things you should do. You can start by unplugging every lamp and device you can. Leave one lamp plugged in and switched on, though, so that you’ll know when the power is back on. Once you have that done, you can connect everything again.

You should also avoid opening your refrigerator or freezer, unless it is necessary to preserve the cold air. To ensure that your food doesn’t spoil, make sure you check it once power is restored. Most blackouts last for only a few hours so food should be safe. To avoid food contamination, it is a good idea to take out perishable foodstuffs as soon as possible if the power goes out.

If you believe your power outage may be due to an electrical problem internally, your first call should go to your electrician. You can always count on the experts at Gigi Emergency Electrician to provide assistance.

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Ask Yourself...

Check your main breaker if your power outage is local to your house. If the switch is tripped, it may be possible to restore power if it is put back on. You can test whether your electric dryer or range are working if there is only a partial power outage.

Large blackouts are most often caused by storms, as extreme weather conditions can disrupt power lines. Various types of earthquakes can cause severe damage to power plants and power lines, though smaller quakes are sometimes a factor as well.

Reset the main breaker by turning the switch off and on two times. Keep it in the on position. To turn each breaker back on, go back to your breaker panel inside your home and turn each one back on one by one. This should restore power to the house in the vast majority of cases.

When the circuit breaker fails to trip, it can cause the main breaker to trip, which can cause extensive electrical damage or cause a fire.

If the breaker has not tripped but the outlets aren’t working, you need to inspect the wiring. An outlet’s wiring may be old or damaged, which will prevent the flow of electricity.

You can still reset the breaker. Unplug all devices that are powered by the circuit breaker in question. Reset the breaker by turning it off and on again once that is done. This will make sure that the breaker is on and sending power to its outlets.


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