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My RCD Is Tripping How To Fix A Tripping RCD

Are you fed up of times when your RCD keeps tripping for no apparent reason and shutting the electricity off in your house? Perhaps the problem is that it keeps tripping even after you replace it. Why does this happen and what should you do about it?

Residual current devices (RCDs) are safety devices that can turn off the power if there’s a fault. They also act as trip switches. RCDs offer safety levels beyond those offered by circuit breakers and regular fuse fuses. An RCD is usually located in the fuse box (consumer unit). It could also be between the circuit breaker and power sockets.

A RCD typically goes on the supply end of equipment it protects. It is often located inside a fusebox or on a distributionboard. An RCD may be built into some equipment. There are many different types that can fulfill different requirements.

RCDs generally work by monitoring the current flow in a lower voltage circuit. If they detect an issue with the current flow they shut off the power to the entire system, which prevents electrocution or severe injuries.

The RCD prevents electricity from flowing to your house or business in the case of a fault such as a short-circuit. In simple terms, the RCD acts as a failsafe device and can be a lifesaver.

There are many reasons why your RCD can keep tripping, some of the issues are addressed below.

RCDs often trip due to faulty appliances. Technically speaking, RCDs are intended to protect electrical circuit faults that may result from defective appliances. RCDs should trip if they have done their job. It will remove the defective electrical circuit from the electricity network, which could cause a fire. It is most likely caused by appliances that are poorly maintained or poorly installed.

If you suspect that your RCD may be trippable, unplug every appliance in your home. Next, check to make sure your RCD resets correctly. If it does, try plugging in each appliance separately and resetting your RCD after each.

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RCD Main Switch Keeps Tripping

If the RCD suddenly starts to trip again after plugging in a particular item, you have likely found the cause.

A circuit breaker that is not rated to the required level of the home’s electricity system might need to be replaced. Professional electricians can visit homes for visual inspection to determine whether or not the RCD needs to be replaced.

Each Residual-current Device is designed so that it trips when the current passing through it exceeds an a predetermined value. If the RCD’s maximum rating is too low it will trip without reason. Your RCD may be tripping frequently. This could indicate that it has the wrong rated current and should be replaced with one of the correct rating.

RCDs must trip when current exceeds their rating. If the current exceeds its rating, an RCD will trip frequently, especially if there are small overloads.

An RCD of low quality can lead to premature tripping. A genuine RCD will be able to reset itself in a matter of minutes. It should not trip while it’s resetting. Good quality RCDs will be able to withstand constant current for at minimum an hour.

Maintaining a high standard of electrical safety is crucial. A shortcut is created when the resistance of a piece or wiring exceeds a certain amount of electricity. The RCD will trip if this path contains water or dampness. This is likely why the RCD keeps tripping.

It is best for a trained electrician to replace low quality RCD. This professional installation is usually necessary. It can even be dangerous for you to replace the RCD on your own. To avoid this, hire a trusted contractor.

If your lights are not working properly, there is a danger of an electrical fire.

Over half of all domestic fires that occur in the region each year are caused by electricity. While a new appliance may emit a faint burning smell for the first few uses, it could also cause a fire in your home if an odd odour is detected from an outlet.

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Ask Yourself...

In case you suspect a faulty appliance is tripping your RCD, you should unplug all electrical appliances in your home and check whether or not your RCD resets. Plug in each appliance one by one and reset your RCD as you do so.

If your RCD trips and you can’t reset it, or if it trips again after resetting it, you may have a defective device. Test your RCD regularly and in accordance with the standards.

You might have moved one of the circuits where a neutral-earth fault already existed.
Make sure the earth resistance is zero with the RCD tripped. Check the resistance between the RCD neutral busbar and the old non RCD busbar with the RCD tripped. If there is continuity check each neutral from the RCD busbar in turn until you find the culprit.If it’s wired in twin and earth the fault may be fairly easy to locate.

The rcd trips each time a circuit breaker is turned off, so something is wrong with that circuit. Once all circuits are isolated, hopefully your rcd will reset.

An RCD can trip if you’ve plugged in a faulty appliance. RCDs tend to trip for this reason most often. The easiest way to find the cause is to notice if you were using a device when it triggered.

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