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When sockets are not powered or not working, replace the damaged sockets and switches. Book an electrical inspection now!

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More than 15% of all domestic fires are caused by electrical faults. Did you smell electricial wire burning? Turn off your power and call immediately.

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An RCD can respond to sudden surges in electric current use or leakage current caused by freezer or refrigerator contents.

Occasionally, a poorly connected appliance can cause a spike in electricity supply. If this happens, then the RCD will trip and restart as it is supposed to. Electricity supply should return to normal shortly afterwards.

Moisture inside electrical boxes and sockets may cause a trip to the RCD. It is important to detect moisture in the socket box as soon as possible. Exterior electrical terminal boxes and outlets should be periodically checked for moisture; signs of moisture may include weather-sealed cases that have deteriorated and/or reset switches that trip randomly.

Spikes can also result from equipment that is not well maintained, or improperly connected, such as older appliances such as dryers and washers. Motors and pumps are more likely to cause RCD trips if there is an association between the frequency/time of surges, and the use of the appliance.

A sudden surge of electricity can cause injury or even damage. These spikes may be caused by lightning strikes and appliance electrical faults.

RCD trips may be caused if a component of your central heating is defective. RCD trips can be triggered by the faulty component turning on and off frequently, which could lead to false alarms. If you have a defective component that causes frequent or long-lasting RCD trips in your home, permanent damage can be done to your electrical equipment.

It is crucial to ensure that electrical safety standards are maintained. Call Gigi Emergency Electrician at 07782 805852 Your local emergency electrician serving Ladywood B16 8 and Birmingham, Highgate, Edgbaston, Merry Hill B66 2

Ohhhhh! The fuse box tripped again. In the middle of watching the match It can be frustrating if your fuse box keeps tripping and you don’t know why. It’s a sign that somewhere in your home you might be harbouring a faulty electrical appliance or wiring. It’s possible to reset it every time it trips. You could also identify the source of the problem, and fix it once for all.


Your fuse box (or consumer unit, as electricians call it) is usually on the ground floor if you live in a house, underneath the stairs. To make sure you have easy access to the switches in an emergency, keep the area close to your consumer unit. If you live alone, the unit will likely be higher up than a wall in your hallway.

A fuse box is absolutely vital to the safety of your household (sort of like the gatekeeper between you and all the electrical currents coming into your home from the mains electricity supply).

These currents may prove fatally hazardous if there is an electrical fault or surge. To prevent this, the fuse box detects abnormal activity and cuts off any electricity flowing through the circuit. If modern homes didn’t have circuit breakers and fuse boxes, electrical fires and electric shocks would be all too common.

When you open your fuse box panel, you’ll be able to see if you have fuses or circuit breakers. Circuit breakers look like a series of switches or levers. Fuses are more traditional. They’re round, and screw into sockets much like tiny light bulbs.

Don’t forget to label your circuit breakers/fuses. Label them according where you are and what sockets or lights go off when they switch on. You will be remembered by your future self in case a circuit breaks.

A professional electrician is required to repair any major electrical faults in your home. It is important to turn off the power and unplug any equipment you are using to make sure there is no live current. If you have fuse box problems in Birmingham, Highgate, Edgbaston, Merry Hill B66 2, Lozells, call Gigi Emergency Electrician today! 07782 805852

Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) are protective electromagnetic devices. They act as a switch within a circuit. They automatically open circuits when the current crossing the circuit exceeds a predetermined limit. This device can also be used to manually turn on and off normal switches.

Also known as time delay devices, MCBs trip and stop the system whenever an overcurrent is flowing for a longer amount of time. This can pose a danger to the entire circuit. These devices can stop power supply for short-circuits in 2.5 milliseconds.


The Reasons Behind MCB’s Tripping

The condition of an electrical system that is characterized by “fault” refers to any situation that results from the malfunctioning or incorrect use of electricity. A fault may lead to a very dangerous situation such as explosion & fire if not cleared timely, not only this, the amount of time for which fault remains in the system, it continuously deteriorates the system health causing high energy losses resulting in increased thermal stress upon the system.

Faults present a risk to the system. They must be addressed as soon as possible.


Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)

MCB or Miniature Circuit Breaker is a protection device which offers protection against overload & short circuit. It contains a bimetal & a solenoid coil, which trip the MCB in the event of Overload & Short Circuit. Conforming with IEC 60898-1 MCB is used to lower ratings from 0.5125A.

They are safety devices that can not only protect electrical appliances and gadgets but also the wiring of the house. An MCB trip should not be taken lightly.

A short or electrical fire will usually have a strong metallic or copper smell. It is possible to smell rubber mixed with plastic. This is not a joke as it indicates that something is too full. For advice, turn off the main power and immediately call your electrician. They’ll let you know the severity of the problem and whether you should call the fire department.


Why Do I Keep Smelling Electrical Burning?

Sometimes, the electrical smell may be caused by a device that you have plugged into and not your electrical system.

It’s hard to describe its smell. It is a combination of all of the above. It is all of the above. The worst nightmare of an electrician is an electrical burning smell.

You can have electrical fires in any size and location. The wiring that feeds power through outlets, switches, plugs, lights, TVs and other devices is made up of both copper and metal wires which give off a distinctive smell when they are damaged by heat or overloading of electricity (this includes damaged insulation).

Depending upon where the wires are placed in relation to each another, they can either produce the same “burning” copper odor or a different smell due to temperature difference.

Below are some of the reasons that an electrical burning odour may be detected in your home.

1. Overload – When too much current is flowing through a circuit, the wires can heat up and catch fire.

2. Short circuiting – This is when electricity becomes stuck in one wire. It flows into another wire. This can lead to short circuits that can ignite.

3. Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) – These breakers detect if any electric current is flowing to your ground and turn it off before you cause damage.

4. Faulty wiring can be caused either by water, ice or someone tripping over your wire and creating a short-circuit that causes fire.

Combining electricity and fire can be dangerous. Electrical fires are very common in homes. Electrical fires can happen in older homes with lots of outlets or extension cords.

Don’t hesitate to call Gigi Emergency Electrician at 07782 805852 should you smell a fishy electrical smell as it can be toxic.

Make sure that all of your cooking, grilling, and other heating appliances are turned off and are free of debris when the power goes out. It is best to turn all unnecessary devices off, since things that are still working when the power comes back could cause fires or electrical shocks.


It may be a power cut if your neighbours do not have power or the street lights are out.

If you are experiencing a power outage, you can get the latest information by calling 105. Hopefully, they will also be able to inform you when the power will be restored.

It could be a fuse or switch issue if your neighbours still have power or the street lights are still on.

Avoid doing it yourself.

If a tripped fuse repeatedly cuts power to your entire house or power outages are frequent in your home, you may have a problem with your circuit breaker. Even though it is intended to cut power in case of surges or other anomalies, frequent outages may indicate that there is a problem with the circuit breaker itself. It is the electrician’s job to find the root of the problem and fix it.

You can count on your local emergency electrician to provide help when there is no prior warning or the luxury of scheduling an appointment.

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